After launching the beginning of the new decade with a brand new single "Together,” Mar just released his new EP called "I am I." Fusing indie, pop, and folk elements from North and South America across English and Spanish lyrics, Mar’s song craft sheds light on the beauty of his two languages, like pieces or fragments coming together, becoming one.

Originally from Lima, Peru, Mar is a non-binary, bilingual, international singer, songwriter, and producer with more than 13 years in the music industry. Mar’s music career began in Miami with the debut release, "En Silencio,” winner of the Song of the Year 2007. However, this passion for music dates back to his early years of life in Lima playing flute, guitar, and singing on stage as a child. Premio Orgullo Peruano (2009) recipient, Mar remembers his roots with love and loyalty; especially, “places like Medi Rock, and La Estación de Barranco, where everything began!,” Mar quotes.

As a singer, composer, producer, Mar lives and breathes music as a path to happiness and personal fulfillment; and hopes this authenticity and joy will be contagious and inspirational for others. Mar explains this short version of his name is an arrival point from shedding the weight of what had been imposed by gender and religion and it feels like being reborn. “I have chosen a very neutral name and an identity that is as vast and diverse as the ocean, which in Spanish is Mar."

Infused with uplifting acoustic and electric guitars, the first single of the EP “Together” advocates for unconditional (self)love and alignment with his own true self.

Mar shares about the making of I Am I with Los Angeles producer Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Avril Lavigne). “A big part of the creative process for I Am I has allowed myself to be raw, honest, and vulnerable while going through the journey of defining and understanding my identity as non-binary. I would like this album to be an inspiration and serve as a testimony that no matter how different you may be, things can be achieved. With this EP I will continue advocating in hopes to inspire folks to be who they are, and open new spaces to have a window where we can see we all aspire towards the same thing, and that it is possible to come together with oneself and with others. I can’t wait to share I am I with you.”.

I am I is available in all digital platforms: